Rugby Union community passed the 2000 members mark

Who doesn’t know me probably can’t even image it, but my biggest passion has always been and will always be rugby (I mean the proper one, rugby union ;)).

I’ve been playing it for almost half of my life (since I was 15) and being also a geek last year I created a Google+ community dedicated to it called… “Rugby Union“.

Yesterday, the 30th of November, Rugby Union passed the 2,000 members mark (including 4 awesome moderators) and at the time of writing it’s the biggest and most active Google+ community dedicated to rugby! Obviously I’m extremely proud of this and considering the special mark, I decided to write this post to celebrate and remember the moment.

If you’re a rugby fan / player / referee / coach or just a sports lover and you use Google+, I strongly recommend you to join us, spreading the word would be appreciated too. 😉

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  1. John Considine

    Like you David, I’m a avid Rugby UNION fan and coach. My son plays for Tring Rugby U-15s where I coach.

    To be honest nothing gives me more joy than seeing good rugby been played in the right spirit especially when its from our boys, this is the coach side speaking!

    We both support London Irish which is tough at the moment but that’s sport, you win and you lose, learn to deal with both, that’s rugby and life.


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