Desktop Stories, a new webcomic

How many webcomics are there already? Thousands? Millions? Probably something in between… still a huge number anyway, but that’s not a good reason to not start a new one! 🙂

Yesterday I had this idea for a (very) nerdy webcomic called “Desktop Stories” featuring only desktop icons and today I decided to go for it after seeing the new Firefox 29 which looks a lot like Chrome.

That gave me the perfect idea to start, so I can now announce the first episode of my brand new webcomic: Firefox 29.

For once I decided to not rush into things, so for now I’ve only created a blog on tumblr to see how things go. If people like it, I’ll take everything to the next level otherwise I’ll keep this as a random hobby. Obviously I cheer for the first option. 🙂

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