Rugby Union community passed the 3000 members mark

Today is an important day for one of the Google+ communities I created, today the Rugby Union community reached and passed the 3,000 members mark!

Last time I posted an update on the Rugby Union Google+ community was December 2013, which means it took us 6 months to get 1,000 new members, which is 2 months less than what it took for going from 1,000 to 2,000.

Rugby Union Google+ community

Even if 3,000 is not an huge number compared to the top-100 Google+ communities (which almost all have more than 100,000 members), it confirms Rugby Union as the biggest and most active community dedicated to rugby on Google+.

I think we’re doing great compared to other similar communities, for example:

  • The rugbyunion subreddit on Reddit has more than 18,300 members, but that’s after 6 years and it took them 4 years to pass the 5,000 mark (according to redditmetrics).
  • the Rugby Union on LinkedIn has more than 8,900 members, but that’s after more than 6 years.

We’re far from those numbers, but Rugby Union has been created 1 year and 6 months ago and Google+ is a growing social network. I’m pretty confident we’ll pass 5,000 members in less than 12 months from now.

Now to give you some more numbers updated to the time of writing this post:

  • 3,002 members
  • 5 moderators (including 1 owner)
  • 7 members banned (0.23% of the total members)
  • 3,347th Google+ community (according to CircleCount)

But in the last 6 months there’s been more than numbers going on, we had great moments with a lot of people sharing the same passion and Rugby Union was also mentioned by Google UK as the community where to discuss the 6 Nations.

With the summer internationals starting in few days it’s the perfect time for joining us, so if you are on Google+ and you love rugby Rugby Union is the community for you!

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