I am starting a new game company: Vindicta Games

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for three years, today is the day I’ve planned, dreamed of and worked for in the last three years, today is the day I am an independent game developer, again.

Today is the day I announced I’m starting a new game company: Vindicta Games.

Vindicta Games


The past

I said “again” because this is not the first time I try to start something like this and be independent, I tried already doing the same in February 2010, when I quit my first job in the game industry and moved back in with my parents to work as Lowpoly Studios.

Things didn’t work well at the time for two main reasons:

  1. I didn’t have enough experience to achieve my goals
  2. I didn’t have clear goals

What I learned during my journey is that the lack of experience can be compensated working harder and longer, but not having clear goals is a killer and it was for me.

When I started Lowpoly Studios I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, the only clear thing was I wanted to work on my own making my own games so I continued working on a desktop game I started when I was still working my day job. The plan was to finish and release it in few months and then move to something more exciting… man was I wrong!

Those “few months” started to pile up and became more than a year killing my focus and motivation and pushing me to try new things like Flash games and iOS games in order to achieve some income to support the development of the “main” game. Unfortunately those games never made me any real money and at some point I realized I had to move on and get a job, which is what I did in October 2011.

Even if I could easily label my first attempt at being an independent developer as a failure, the experience and skills I gained during those months are invaluable, especially because I learned a lot from my mistakes instead of blaming the bad luck for how things went.


The present

In the last 3 years I’ve been working as game developer for 2 very big and famous companies and during the whole time I never stopped thinking that what I really wanted was another shot at a career as independent again, so here I am, things are quite different now though.

The two main differences with the past are:

  1. I think I have enough experience to achieve my goals now
  2. I do know what my goals are and I’ve already planned (almost) everything for the next 2 years

It’s not been easy, I had many doubts, especially with the planning in advance/setting own goals thing, but I made my mind up and I know what I’m going to do from now on, it “just” needs to be done. 😉

I’ve already decided the first game I’ll be working on and I’ve already decided the second game I’ll be working on, but I’m not going to reveal any details yet as things are in such an early stage it would be unfair for me to show/disclose anything now.

Hopefully I will be ready to announce the first game in a month, but nothing is written in stone yet, the only sure thing is that I will announce it when everything is ready for it.


The future

Having already planned everything for the next couple of years I do know there’s one thing I’m short of at the moment: money.

Even if I’m in a definitely wealthier condition now than when I started Lowpoly Studios, I don’t have enough funds to cover all the expenses I planned and this is something I will need to sort out soon.

Even if the idea of being a lone wolf attracts many indie developers, that’s not what I want to be and it’s never been in my plans. In my future I see an independent company which works well as a profitable business and which creates great games which people love.

I am exploring different options at the moment and I will write more about this soon, but in the meanwhile if you have proposals, suggestions or if you’re willing to donate me a huge pile of money don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂


I will be posting main news regarding Vindicta Games on my blog, but if you are interested in knowing more about it and getting frequent updates you can check the temporary website where you will find links to all the social networks and contacts you need.

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