Rugby Unioners – where rugby goes online

Rugby (union), has always been my main passion, more than programming, more than music, more than anything else.

Rugby Unioners, home of the rugby union community

In December 2012 I started to bring my passion to the social world creating the first Google+ community on rugby union, not surprisingly called “Rugby Union“. That community has kept growing since then and it’s always been the biggest and most active rugby community on Google+.

Last week I decided to take things to the next level and in few days I created Rugby Unioners, the official website of the Rugby Union community, but also an online place where read and write about rugby.

I’m starting this journey with two fellow moderators from the Rugby Union community, but everyone is welcome to contribute with occasional posts or on a more regular basis. If you might be interested in writing about rugby, feel free to contact me.

Finally, if you are into rugby, but you are more interested into reading than writing, don’t forget to follow Rugby Unioners on Google+, Facebook and Twitter to get notified every time there’s new content available.

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