New website launched: IndieDevMap

Today I launched a new website: IndieDevMap, the world map of indie and independent game developers.

IndieDevMap, world map of indie and independent game developers

The Past

I originally created and launched a first version of IndieDevMap in 2012. It started with a small number of developers, but it kept growing for about 2 years and I also started working on a new version. Unfortunately at some point I decided to put it on hold for lack of time to dedicate to it.

In the meanwhile people kept following its social media pages, even when it was offline. Now and then I also got messages asking me when it was going to come back online. The more messages I got the more I was convinced I should have kept it alive.

Recently I could finally allocate some time to finish the new version of the website and publish it and now IndieDevMap is live and here to stay.

Present and Future

The core idea behind IndieDevMap is offering a resource for game developers, editors and even gamers to locate other developers in a specific area. The long term plan is way more ambitious and it involves introducing original content (like interviews, game reviews and other articles) and also to add useful services like job boards, freelancer directories, polls and more.

If you want to know more visit IndieDevMap and if you are a game developer feel free to submit your data to get added to the map.


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