Growing my Linkedin network, a social experiment

I decided I will be growing my Linkedin network and I will do this as a social experiment, keeping track of the numbers and of what I do along the process.

Growing my Linkedin network

I decided to do it because I feel the other social networks can’t support me professionally in the way I want and also because I realised that most of my current connections are not really active on Linkedin. Hopefully Growing my network will bring me more and more interesting content and eventually it will help me growing professionally as well. After all I got my last 2 jobs thanks to Linkedin, so why not betting on it even more?

Growth plan

At the time of writing (Sunday 5th of November 2017), the number of my connections is 1428.

I set myself a target of 50 new connections per day, which should also be the number of people you can add on Linkedin daily without receiving a warning from the website.

If I can keep that daily growth my network should reach 4228 connections by the end of the year (8 weeks).

The following chart shows the projected growth until the 31st of December 2017.

Growing my Linkedin network, a social experiment - projected growth

The rules

Obviously I set myself some rules to make this worth my time and to make it real:

  • I won’t add more than 50 people per day
  • I won’t add people in completely unrelated industries
  • I won’t add clearly fake/dodgy profiles
  • I will focus on people in Europe and north America, at the beginning at least.
  • I will be active every day (posting, sharing, commenting, etc…)

What’s next

From now on I will document the process weekly on Linkedin and I will post more detailed updates every 4 weeks both on my blog and as a Linkedin article.

If you want to be part of the social experiment feel free to add me on Linkedin or to suggest me people to connect with (as long as they conform to the rules mentioned before).

Also I’d be very curious to know from people who tried to do this before. What kind of growth did you achieve? Was it worth it? Leave a comment and let me/us know.


I have published the results of this experiment. Check them out if you are curious to find out how how things went.

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