I am going to make a new video game

After almost 4 years of inactivity, I decided to go back to game development and to start to work on a new video game. In this post I will explain why I want to do it and what I am going to work on.

How all this started

Recently I posted a poll on social media asking people to help me decide on what game I should work on. I gave voters 3 options:

  1. Design and build castles to defend your reign from invaders
  2. Colonize and terraform Mars, fight for land and resources
  3. Explore the universe and trade new materials among planets

Castles, Mars or Space, what's the best setting for a video game?

The response has been amazing, especially on Linkedin where I got over 200 votes and tens of comments. I chose to keep the options short and vague to let people focus on concepts and settings rather than on a specific gameplay.

The results show that people like the 3 ideas almost equally, which basically means that the decision is completely in my hands.

results of the poll to chose what new video game I should create

That could also mean that no matter what game I pick, it’s going to have a lot of potential (hopefully).

My decision is…

I have been thinking about this for long and in the end I decided I am not going to make any of those 3 games.

I know it might sounds illogical and maybe some people who voted will not like it, but I have my reasons.

The main one is that I see a lot of potential in all these projects and I would love to work on any of them. Because of that I don’t want to risk to waste any of them starting a development that might never finish. I have not been working on games for years and I will be doing this in my spare time, so failure is a concrete possibility here.

I am not going to work on any of those 3 games, but that doesn’t mean I am not going to work on any game.

I want to go back to game development, but I also need to verify if I can be productive working in my spare time (without burning out) and I want to learn new things. Combining all that, I decided that for now I am going to work on a simpler, smaller game to see how things go. Then eventually I will move to one of those 3 projects.

A new video game

I have already started to work on this new game, that I am calling “Iso RTS” for now.

It’s going to be a simple real time strategy game that people can play against an AI or other players online

I want to try to keep the development as open and social as possible. In particular:

  • The source code will be available on GitHub: iso-rts
  • I created a Youtube channel where I will do live coding and post video updates: vivaladev
  • I will post minor updates and polls on my Twitter and Linkedin

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