Shade: a cross-platform framework for games

I’ve been working on a new (coding) project for the last few weeks and, even if it’s still in a very early stage, I decided to announce it on my blog. Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you: Shade.

Shade logo

Shade is a cross-platform framework for 2D games which will be the core technology of all my next mobile and desktop games.

Shade is written in C++ and currently supports the following platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, OS X and Windows, but it could easily support other platforms as well and eventually it will.

At the moment it’s mainly based on SDL 2, a popular cross-platform library which handles low level access to system hardware, but in the future I could decide to implement some low layers from scratch, for example the rendering one.

The framework architecture is strongly based on modules/components (and that’s why the multi-rectangles background in the logo) and this should (hopefully) allow me to extend it easily and to achieve a fast/agile development.

In the past I’ve already worked on a desktop framework and a mobile framework (iOS only though), so I’m extremely excited to start this new project as it will test all my experience and hopefully it will allow me to improve my knowledge and skills further.

I’ve set up a page on my website for this project: which I will eventually update with more info and details, but I’m not planning to release Shade in any form, so for now don’t expect to find much there. This could change in the future if there will be any particular interest or demand, but now it’s too early to know that.

I will be posting a status update every last week of the month on this blog, so keep an eye on these pages and maybe follow me if you’re interested in knowing more about it.

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